Return Policy

Order cancellation

All orders can be cancelled until they are shipped. If you have already paid for your order and you need to make a change or cancellation, you must contact us within 12 hours. Once the packaging and shipping process has started, it can no longer be cancelled.


If you received the wrong product, or if the product was damaged during transit, you may request a refund or a reshipment within 21 days of receiving the product. You must return the item, but we will cover the cost of shipping it back. If the product was lost during transit, we will reship it to you at our expense. You may request a refund by sending us a message on our Contact Us page.

In your refund request, please provide photos of the product (if you have received it) along with the packing slip so we can see what went wrong.

If your refund request is approved, your refund will be processed and a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment within 14 days.

We do not provide refunds for any other than the above stated reasons. Please view our sizing charts very carefully so you know which size to order. These charts are located in every product page. Please note that sizing will vary from product to product; for example, some t-shirts might run slightly bigger or smaller than others. This will be specified in the product description, so please read it carefully and view the sizing charts. We always do our best to ensure that product descriptions are accurate and that the sizing charts are as specific as possible to help you purchase the correct size.

Product exchanges

We do not allow exchanges.


Please do NOT send your purchase back to us unless we authorize you to do so.

Adorelite is not responsible for your order in the following cases:

  • Your order did not arrive due to factors within your control (i.e. providing the wrong shipping address).

  • Your order did not arrive due to exceptional circumstances outside the control of (i.e. not cleared by customs).

  • Other exceptional circumstances outside the control of